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Automated High Content Screening data analysis using screeningBee.

From the international High Content Screening consortium InfectX and its successor TargetInfectX stems the proven, fully integrated software framework for high content screening analysis "screeningBee". screeningBee allows automated data analysis, statistical evaluation and management of image-based RNAi screens, by seamlessly integrating free and open source software into a robust and flexible software framework that is able to cope with the demands of large screening groups or facilities.

screeningBee integrates novel or improved image analysis and data normalization methods, and extends existing open source software to achieve superior efficiency in data analysis. End-to-end integration starts at the microscope, includes image analysis, feature extraction, infection scoring, supervised machine learning, data normalization, library management, off-target prediction and goes all the way to an enriched hit-list for review in Spotfire or other data mining tools. All intermediate steps are fully automated and require only a first-time setup, after which they can be applied over and over to new assays and screens. Data management and a publication portal are included via the openBIS biological information database.

Our framework has been validated in the context of the InfectX consortium for pathogen entry into human cells, to analyze more than 4.500 plates in hundreds of different assays in 384WP format, by a single image analysis specialist.

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